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Orchester Tipica Andariega at Tangoloft Berlin

7. Oktober 2018 @ 18:30

Das Tangoloft freut sich zum 2. mal präsentieren zu dürfen:

Das Orchester Tipica Andariega!

La Orquesta Típica Andariega was created in Buenos Aires September 2009 with the idea of making a new danceable tango based on a solid foundation of classic tango.

The orchestra has a repertoire “bien milonguero” – as we say in Spanish – which means that it is a music intimately connected to the milonga and good for dancing! It is a mix between new arrangements of the most popular tangos, waltz, milongas and new tango compositions that preserve the rhythmic and danceable spirit of the Forties and at the same time add the energy of the new tango movement of 2000.

Andariega has recorded three CDs “Pertenencia” (2011), „Andiamo“ (2014) and “Balliamo” (2017) and done four European Tours in 2012-2013-2014-2015, where they have visited many countries as: Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden and France. The orchestra also made ​​trips to Chile (Festival Valparatango 2014) and played different places in Argentina (Rosario, Salto and Venado Tuerto).

The orchestra performs constantly on different of the most appreciated stages in Buenos Aires, among these: Festival Internacional de Tango en Buenos Aires, La Viruta, C. C., Torquato Tasso, Confiteria Ideal, Milonga Parakultural – Salón Canning, Festival de Vendimia en Buenos Aires, Festival Independiente de Tango en Buenos Aires and Teatro Orlando Goñi.

In 2014 the group was given the subsidy del Régimen de Concertación para la Actividad Musical de BA Música. In 2014 the CD “Andiamo” was considered suitable for receiving financing by El Régimen de Promoción Cultural (mecenazgo) In 2016 the CD “Balliamo” was considered suitable for receiving financing by El Régimen de Promoción Cultural (mecenazgo).

At the moment the orchestra is playing at different stages in Buenos Aires, preparing the presentation of the third CD “Balliamo” in December 2016, and planning a tour in Europe in September/October/November 2017.

Luigi Coviello

Matias Gonzalez

Stine Engen

Roberto Vasallo

Yanina Corvalan

Pedro Bustamante

Ivan de Luca

Tomas Quindi

1. Set around 19:30

Entrance 12€



7. Oktober 2018
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